Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lots of baby action

Photo: Baby bump bathroom shot- 33 weeks :)

This Saturday I'll be 34 weeks along.   I've said it before but I'll say it again, this pregnancy is flying by it seems!  The past few weeks have been filled with a lot of baby.

Baby is moving a lot- and while it is an amazing thing and reassurance that baby is doing ok in there- it is also a very strange feeling.  I actually rubbed my belly the other day where baby was kicking and asked him/her to please just chill out for a few minutes while I quickly finished grocery shopping.  I don't know why I literally said this out loud to baby when I know that grocery shopping will never be as easy for me as it is right now again.

Every week there seems to be a new symptom/side effect of pregnancy.  This past week it has been carpal tunnel like syndrome in my fingers/hand- some during the day, but mostly all night/morning.  This is from swelling (hence why I can't wear my rings anymore) that is pushing on nerves- especially when I lay down and fluids are redistributed to my hand/wrist area.  I'm going to try using a brace and see how that goes.

Rob and I completed our baby CPR/first aid class, Labor and Birth class, took a tour of the hospital and I completed a breast feeding class (did Rob a favor and signed up for the moms only class, instead of the couples class- which would have been entertaining but kind of unnecessary).  It was a lot of classes and info packed into a couple of weeks, but I do feel more prepared and mentally ready for what is ahead.  Even though most people will tell you that when it comes down to it your labor will be nothing like the videos and the breathing techniques you learned in class will go out the window, I still think the class was helpful overall for both of us and I feel better having taken it.

More and more super cute baby things are filling the house and the nursery is much closer to being done than it was 3 weeks ago.  We are more in the hanging things on the wall and installing a ceiling fan stage, than buying essentials stage, which is a good feeling.  Roxanne is getting a little more anxious and catching on that something is up the more we do to the nursery I think.  The other day, after taking a decorative sign up to the nursery, Roxanne followed me and would not leave my side.  She sat staring at me trying to get attention, putting her nose under my arm, circling me and getting me to pet her, trying to sit in my lap after I got down on the floor sitting indian style- but there was no room because my belly was in the way and she is too big to sit in my lap now as it is, and she actually pawed my belly and then wrapped her paw/leg around my arm and held it there like she didn't want to let go.  It was the weirdest thing.  So after that I definitely think she is having some jealousy issues/being overly protective.  Poor girl thinks all of the baby toys are for her and tries to get them.  So much of me just wants to give them to her too!

This weekend my whole family is coming to visit - yay!  By whole family I mean mom, dad, Lisa and Michelle.  Only one missing will be Rob because he will be out of town.  But it will be great to have everyone together again for the first time since Christmas.

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