Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Month 1 of homeownership!

So it has been about a month now that we have owned the house and things are going great!  Of course there have been issues, like just now as I wrote that I hear Rob on the phone talking with Comcast telling them he isn't doing that great because our cable isn't working.  But overall we are very happy with our new home. 

A BIG thank you to Rob's mom Ann, step-dad John and Tom for helping with the transformation of our family room!  It was the first major project we took on because the wood paneling was very outdated and just make the room look very dark.  Along with the wood paneling, the built-in cabinets, baseboards and bathroom and pantry doors were painted white as well.  It was my first time painting anything besides small craft projects, so that was interesting.  I didn't mind the actual painting, I just always felt like I was messing up somehow, so that was frustrating.  But within about a week the family room was almost complete.  We even bought a beautiful area rug from Pottery Barn that matches the walls perfectly.  I'm not ready to post before and after pics yet because we still have some shelves to put back in the built-ins, but I will soon!

Another BIG thank you goes out to my mom and dad who helped us pack up and move all of our stuff two weekends ago!  Having 4 people to help instead of just 2 made things go much faster.  It was really Rob and my dad doing the heavy lifting, but my mom and I took care of the random kitchen and bedroom stuff and a lot of the unpacking.  After all of the moving was done they helped us finish up painting in the family room, take off the wallpaper and large mirror in the downstairs bathroom so we can re-do that room next, paint the inside of our pantry closet and sand down the door frame from the kitchen to the dining room. 

And thanks to my parents and Rob's Dad and Kimberly we now have a very nice new washer and dryer set that came today!  I've already done two loads and am really happy with the set we picked out.  A nice plus to this house is that the laundry is in an upstairs closet, so much more convenient that way. 

This upcoming weekend my mom, dad and Michelle are coming to visit for the Clemson vs Auburn game that is downtown at the Georgia Dome on Saturday night.  Michelle is turning 21 tomorrow (can't believe my little sister is 21 already!!) so we will definitely be celebrating her birthday this weekend as well!