Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Chicago, a party, unexpected visitors, & Grandpa Smith

I got a text from my mom last week that it was time for me to write a new blog.  I wish I would write more individual topic posts instead of these monthly re-caps, but here we are almost a month after my last a monthly update it is...

I had such a great time in Chicago!  What a nice city.  Really, if I was making a list of cities I think I'd love living in Chicago would be on it, along with San Francisco...and Boston.  Megan shares a lovely two bedroom apartment with her sister in Lincoln Park, very close to lots of restaurants and the train to go downtown.  We did some touristy things, like the Skydeck on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower (tallest building in US) and a river boat cruise, we did a lot of walking around the city, made our own pizza with supplies from Trader Joe's and enjoyed some real Chicago deep dish pizza the following night, had some beers at an Irish bar, met my cousin Ashley and her friend for brunch at a place that served fruit sushi, shared an excellent cheese board and many glasses of red wine at a bar on the river that had a much needed fireplace and much more.  Hurricane Sandy delayed my trip home (surprise surprise, I have the worst luck with flights ever), but I suppose the 2 hours I spent on hold with US Air was worth the bonus day I got in Chicago. 

Last weekend was Tom and Linnea's engagement party.  It was hosted by a couple that lived next door to Linnea when she was growing up, and they actually live in a subdivision that is literally 2 minutes away from where we live now.  There were sombrero pictures, margaritas, a fajita bar, good people and conversation, all outside on a beautiful patio/covered deck.  It was a really nice night to celebrate the happy couple.  One of my favorites of the night...

We had two unexpected guests last weekend...Rob's dad Ron and Rob's mom's dog Bailey.  Bailey came to stay Thursday night when his mom and John had to drive up to Michigan unexpectedly to be with his Grandpa who was not doing well.  And Ron told us on Friday that he would be coming down to Atlanta Saturday morning through Sunday night for Tom's engagement party.  Ron was supposed to run in the NYC marathon this past Sunday, but he found out that the race was cancelled Friday afternoon, literally as he was about to go through security!  He checked his phone before going through the metal detector, saw it was cancelled and decided not to make the trip out to NYC.  Unfortunately, his bag did make the trip to NYC without him, because it was already checked and on the plane, but it did make it back to him in Michigan safe and sound.  So once the NYC trip was off he decided to make new travel plans to come to Atlanta.  It was a short, unexpected visit, but it was great seeing him again!

Bailey is still here with me and Roxanne, as Rob's mom and John are still up in Michigan.  It's with a heavy heart that I tell you Rob's Grandpa Smith passed away Sunday afternoon.  He was surrounded by his wife, 6 children, siblings and other relatives.  He was a truly great man, and he was such a fighter this past year as he dealt with health problem after problem after surgery after surgery.  I remember meeting him for the first time at Ann and John's wedding.  I feel very lucky that he was able to travel to Boston two years ago for our wedding and I am especially thankful that we made the trip up to Michigan last Christmas, as we were able to spend one more holiday with him.  I'll never forget one time when he was visiting Ann and John here in Georgia and he asked me if I had ever been up to Michigan for a visit.  When I told him yes, I've been to Detroit and Grosse Pointe (where Rob is from), he told me, "No no no, that doesn't count, you need to come up North where we live to really see what Michigan has to offer."  Hopefully someday I will make it up there.  Rob, Tom and Linnea drove up to Michigan last night so they could be there for the viewing today and funeral tomorrow.  I'm at home on dog duty and working, but I am thinking of everyone up in Michigan and wishing I could be there with you all tomorrow.

Tomorrow I turn 28.  I honestly had to think about that for a second.  Ever since I turned 26 it seems the numbers are all the same.  I have accidentally told people this past year that I was 26 and 28.  I don't know what my problem is.  Lets just say I'm in my upper 20's.  I already got some super nice cards and gifts from Rob, mom and dad, and friends, so I'm feeling very loved! 

Double doodle trouble...
(sitting pretty for a treat)