Thursday, March 13, 2014

20 weeks already!

Hard to believe it, but I'm halfway there!  This past weekend I hit the 20 week mark, which means this pregnancy is half way to the due date.  I had Rob take a few pictures of the baby bump at 20 weeks to share with you all.

I am realizing now that baby bump pictures are not as fun when you are in them.  I use to always love looking at other mama's baby bump pics on facebook, and would think why don't they post more pics so we can see how much they have grown?  Now I know.  I know my bump doesn't even look like much yet, but I feel huge already!  Getting comfortable with the whole body changing and growing has been more difficult than I expected for some reason.  I guess I just assumed I wouldn't mind gaining weight and growing out of my pants when I was pregnant, because that's what happens when a baby is growing inside of you and it's normal.  But honestly it was tough when those jeans didn't fit right anymore and I needed a belly band to keep wearing my dress pants comfortably!

A couple weekends ago my mother-in-law, Ann, and I went baby shopping.  We went to Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby (that store is crazy!  think Bed, Bath & Beyond but ALL baby stuff) and Carter's.  We had a really great time trying out strollers, finding what gender neutral clothing we could, and looking at all of the genius baby products on the market that I never knew I needed until now.  Luckily, Ann suggested I try on some maternity clothes.  I had convinced myself they weren't needed yet, but after trying on those maternity jeans- wow- so needed!  She will tell you my face coming out of the dressing room said it all - comfort & relief!  So yes I got some clothes too.