Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The hottest 2 weeks of my summer

It's hard to believe summer is already coming to an end!  With all of the rain and lack of 90+ degree weather we had it almost feels like summer is just beginning.  But football is back and stores are full of Halloween stuff, so summer is definitely on its way out and I'm ok with that.

We had a nice time in Myrtle Beach with my family and enjoyed perfectly hot beach weather while we were there. Besides a few jelly fish stings and shark sightings everything went just fine.  And shout out to Scott , who I'm told liked my last blog entry, for surviving the whole week at Myrtle meeting about 20 of our relatives all at once!  Here are a few random pics from the trip I found on my phone...including my first time on a roller coaster (possibly a ride?) WITH Rob!  

My second beach trip this summer was to Isle of Palms, SC for soon-to-be sister-in-law Linnea's bachelorette party- the wedding is less than 2 weeks away woo-hoo! We rented a fabulous beach house, partied downtown Charleston and even went to a drag show.  Now, I've been to quite a few drag shows, but I will say it definitely feels a little more like a normal activity going to a show in Provincetown, MA than it does in Charleston, SC.  We all had a fun weekend and it was great to meet all of Linnea's super sweet and fun friends.

Now let me tell you about how the AC in my car decided to die on the drive to the bachelorette party.  Rob was driving me to Isle of palms to drop me off at the beach house for the weekend and then he was going to stay with my parents until we both went home together on Tuesday.  About an hour away from IOP the windshield got very foggy and the defrost wasn't helping at all.  Then it started to get hotter inside the car and I was like these vents do not feel like they are blowing real cold air like usual.  But it was pretty hot and humid outside even at 11:30pm and so I didn't really think too much about it.

Fast forward to the car ride home Tuesday, I was napping while Rob drove and woke up sweating.  The AC was already on high on the coldest setting and that's when I remembered my AC might be broken.  With work and everything I had a limited amount of time I could take the car in since they told me it'd take 1-2 hrs to diagnose the problem, but I finally did the following week.  That's when they told me the compressor needed to be replaced, and that they don't make the exact compressor my car has anymore because they changed the whole model the year after my car was made.  This meant the new part along with a special install kit was going to have to be ordered and it was going to cost at least twice as much as normal.  About $1600.  I began to weigh just how much I actually needed the AC, but who am I kidding, I live in Atlanta and get hot very easily.  This is where my husband and father-in-law step in and help save the day, or at least some money.

Rob talked to his dad, who is a lawyer for GM and knows a lot about cars, and said basically the compressor in my car should not fail after 60,000 miles and told Rob it couldn't hurt to call GM customer service and see what they could do to help us out.  Rob gave them the spiel, which is very true, about how he and his family have always had GM vehicles, he had an influence on me getting this GM vehicle and from the beginning I've had issues with it (like when it had a faulty seal and the floors were soaking wet for a week), and that if GM didn't step up and do something now this would probably be my last GM vehicle.  Many phone calls later GM did agree to cover the part and the dealership lowered their labor rate a little, so in total I will be paying under $500, which is still a lot but not nearly as bad as it was going to be.  So after two hot weeks of driving with all 4 windows down, with my arm hanging out the window- not to look cool but to try to get cool, and dreading every red light I had to sit at because there was no breeze, today is the day my AC gets fixed!  Big big thank you to my father-in-law Ron for his help and insight and to Rob for making all the necessary calls.