Monday, January 27, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

So much has happened since my last post!  I am going to try to be a more committed blog writer this year, so hopefully this will be one of the last 2, 3, 4 month updates you see for a while  Where to begin...

September wrapped up with Tom and Linnea's beautiful Atlanta wedding.  It was a wonderfully fun day celebrating one of our favorite couples, and we now officially have a sister-in-law!

Football season has come and gone, but we did get to go to a couple of Clemson games with Michelle and my parents - always a fun time!  Sadly and unbelievably, Michelle is a senior this year so Clemson weekends might not be the same next Fall.

Roxanne dressed up as a witch for Halloween...I was pretty excited that she got to wear a tutu, and Rob really didn't have much say in it.

I took a wheel pottery class for beginners at the art center that's in the same complex as my work.  It is much harder than it looks when you watch others do it, but I enjoyed it and would consider taking another class.  I haven't taken a class of any kind really for a long time, so it was nice to try something new.

Me, Rob, Tom, Linnea and Roxanne took a road trip in a minivan up to Michigan for Thanksgiving.  For Thanksgiving it was the 4 of us, Ron, Kimberly, Nate, Aunt Sue, Uncle Bob and Grandma Porter.  Ron did all of the Thanksgiving dinner cooking in their newly remodeled kitchen and it was delicious.  We also got to hang out with Hayes and Caroline, go to a Michigan hockey game, and the Michigan vs Ohio State football game which was a lot of fun despite the loss.

Early December my parents and Grandma Doris came for a visit.  It was nice being able to show grandma our house and she even helped out with some yard work while she was here (she insisted).  Roxanne was really good with her and they became friends, despite Roxanne not usually liking old people.

Mid-December Rob graduated from business school woo hoo!!  Really, I am so proud of him and relieved for him that it's done.  It was a lot of hard work getting his degree while also working a full time job, and sometimes I didn't know how he managed it all.  Congrats babe!

Christmas was spent with my family in Summerville, SC.  The last Christmas we spent with them was 2010, so it was nice to be back at their house along with my sisters and dog niece Millie.

January has really flown by.  I had a fun and much needed visit with one of my best friends Katie over MLK weekend.  I am so grateful that she flew down to visit, as we hadn't seen each other since Megan and Robbie's wedding in August 2011!  We took her to our favorite tapas place, did the World of Coca Cola tourist attraction, had an unforgettable time on the new ferris wheel in ATL, had Mexican and margaritas and watched football, and did a lot of catching up.

As I write this Rob is busy painting.  He really has done A LOT of painting since he graduated and has a little more time on his hands.  I am grateful for all he has done around the house and he's actually really good at it, but I do feel bad because I know it has taken a lot of hard work and time.  First he did the master bedroom after we got new bedding for Christmas, then he did one of the guest rooms just in time for Katie's arrival, and now he is doing the front entryway.  Next on his list will probably be the dining room, as we have already decided we are hiring painters to do the upstairs hallway along with the high unreachable area above the stairs.