Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sammy Watkins is money

It's that time again! Our favorite time of year, football season. Rob and I met my parents in Clemson this weekend for the big game against Florida State. We had such a fun time. It was better than the game we went to last year because we had great seats in the lower bowl (thanks to Michelle for getting us guest tickets through her sorority!), it was a 3:30 game instead of a noon game, we dressed appropriately (shorts instead of jeans) and wore sun screen this time, and best of all Clemson won. My parents have season tickets this year and are tailgating pros from all of the PSU tailgates years ago. The tent was essential, which I didn't realize until it got to be 85 degrees out and it was hot even in the shade.

The game itself was a blast. It has been a while since I stood for a whole sporting event, but it was worth it for seats in the student section. It was a close game til the end and such a big win. Thanks for a great weekend Mom, Dad and Michelle!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The return of peg leg

First I want to apologize for my lack of blog posts lately. With only 2 last month, and none in September (until now) I know it seems I've been slacking. I'll blame it on being busy, working a lot and not a whole lot that seemed worth writing about.

Things are good in the Porter apartment. We recently renewed our lease, so we'll be at the Nevadan for at least another year. There was some talk for about a month of possibly moving to a new apartment complex, but it really would have taken a lot of convincing for me to get on board with that plan. Moving takes so much effort and we're at a good location at a good price, so why not stay a little longer. Of course not long after resigning the lease the bird seed situation picked back up and I'm once again sweeping bird seed off of the balcony every day. My one hope is that the new people who moved in above us will start using their balcony and get annoyed by the bird seed as well and complain about it like I did.

Rob is back in school, taking 2 classes this semester. Luckily one is an online course so he doesn't have to go downtown for that one. When he isn't at work or school or doing school work he is running. The weather here has cooled off a little in the past few weeks, which is good for his training. He's preparing for his next marathon which is in Greenville, SC at the end of October.

Roxanne is back to her old tricks again. Up until yesterday I would have told you that she was doing great and loving life. She even learned to swim over Labor Day weekend when we took her to the beach for the first time. Here she is looking cute in the ocean and realxing on the beach at the Isle of Palms, SC.

Fastforward to yesterday evening. Rob got home from work to find a stinky, messy Roxanne. She never has accidents in her cage unless something is wrong, so we knew she wasn't feeling well. He took her outside and she immediately went to the bathroom, but along with everything else that came out of her was quite a bit of blood. It was pretty gross and scary, but we immediately knew what it was from. Two nights before that she decided to eat part of a rug in our living room. She nibbled on the rug once before when she was only a few months old, so we put it in the closet and waited a few months until we brought it out again. She hadn't even tried to chew the rug or anything else besides her own toys for quite some time now, so we were pretty surprised to find the rug destroyed the other morning. So we took her to the vet, who recommended we take her to the emergency clinic nearby so she could be monitored overnight. She had x-rays taken (which turned out to be fine) and was given fluids and medicine through an IV. I picked her up this morning and she seems to be doing better. Now she is eating a bland diet of canned food, which she loves, and is taking a few medications while she recovers. The worst part, besides the bill of over $700, is that her peg leg is back. They had to shave part of her leg fur off for the IV, like they did when she was spayed. So now she is peg leg again, and will be for a while. Last time it took months to grow back. Oh, Roxanne.