Thursday, January 31, 2013

Girls weekend in Atl

A big thank you with hugs to Rae and Jo for flying down to visit over MLK weekend!  It was a great time and I just wish we could do it more often.  I could really get used to our January 'annual' girls weekend in Atlanta.  They came down two years ago over the same weekend, and then last year we had Rae's wedding so we all got to see each other then.  So this year it was back to Atlanta.  It was nice having a house for them to come to this time instead of an apartment, though they still ended up sharing a bedroom/bed :)  It was a weekend full of tea drinking, yummy margaritas and tapas, a cable car ride up to the top of Stone Mountain, a warm weather picnic at Piedmont Park, football & crazy Falcons fans & daiquiris at Wet Willie's, and shopping with Rae's TJX discount card.  Looking forward to our next get-together!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekend of decorating

I'm very excited to add another room in the house to the "completed" list.  I had been looking for pieces to hang on the walls in our first floor bathoom for weeks now and luckily Rob and I found some framed floral prints we both liked at Home Goods yesterday.  We also printed out and framed a fun favorite from our day in Rome- a face fountain at the Vatican.  I'm really happy with how it turned out, especially considering the "before" when we first moved in!  We also hung a few things in the upstairs guest bathroom (we are having some awesome Delta guests this weekend after all  :), and bought a couple things for the kitchen.  So overall it was a pretty productive weekend.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A few house updates

Slowly but surely our house is coming together.  We haven't been working on any major projects lately, but we have been furniture shopping and trying to finish up a few rooms, and Rob has done a great job with the yard- blowing leaves and spreading pine straw most recently.  We have wanted a new couch for a long time and thanks to Christmas money we finally bought a couch and a love seat from Macy's last weekend!  They are super comfortable and a light tan color that will go well with our family room rug and wall color.  The only bad thing is that they could take up to 8 weeks to be delivered because the love seat wasn't in stock.  Once we get the new couches we will move the blue leather couch and chair into the front living room/office where Rob's desk and computer are.  We will also put a TV in that room (I have been going on about needing a second TV for a while now).  Now that we are getting new couches we decided to get serious about hanging things on the family room walls which are currently bare.  We picked out a bunch of frames we are going to fill with Europe trip photos and arrange on one wall, but those too are on back order until March.

The entryway is finally finished...well, besides the fact that Rob recently noticed it's going to need a new paint job soon (ugh).  We hung up the pictures that used to be in our bedroom at the apartment, bought a rug and table at World Market, got a few things at Home Goods, and Rob even got to use some of his old model cars to help decorate the space.

Last night after we got home from a nice tapas dinner out with Tom and Linnea, I don't know why but I decided to go on Craig's List and look for dining room furniture.  One of Rob's friends told us how they got most of their furniture on Craig's List and how cheap their dining room set was, so I had been meaning to go on and see what was out there for a while now.  There was so much furniture posted, but most of it was junk or over priced.  But pretty quickly I cam across a dining room table and chairs that looked like it was in pretty good shape, nice color wood, somewhat modern and it was only $125, so we decided to get it.  It's not in perfect condition, it's not something we would have picked at the store, and 2 of the chairs don't even match the set, but it will definitely hold us over until we can afford a new dining room set (which probably won't be for over a year or so) and now that it's all set up I'm really happy with it.  I hated that one of the first rooms you saw when you entered the house was empty, and it will be nice to be able to have more than 2 people over for dinner.  I have to thank Rob for going along with the whole thing today.  He started working on painting the trim in the kitchen yesterday and planned on finishing it today, but my Craig's List furniture detour took about 3 hours out of our day by the time we borrowed Linnea's car (thanks!!), transported everything, set it up, and returned the car.