Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mom comes to visit, bump pics and a shower

Mom came to visit last week, and what a fun, productive visit it was!  We went out to some delicious dinners, got a relaxing foot massage, and did some baby/maternity shopping.  My wardrobe was lacking as I started to grow out of/not feel comfortable in a lot of my things, but mom saved the day on that front and got me some cute dresses, tops and maternity black/grey dress pants.  Mom brought her power washer for us (Rob) to use, and now we have a much cleaner driveway/front stoop. And mom also took on a project I refused to touch since we bought the house- cleaning all of the screens, windows and window sills!  So the front of our house looks much better than before she arrived.  I am very lucky to have such a helpful, loving, generous mom- soon to be grandma!

When you are pregnant everyone asks how you are feeling- and so far so good!  My biggest complaints at the moment are an itchy belly and some trouble sleeping.  I have rarely been one to sleep through the night, so add in some trips to the bathroom and not being able to sleep in my preferred (stomach) position and it's a real good time.  I don't want to know what it's going to be like in 2 months when I'm a lot bigger.  I've also had minor lower back pain, but lucky for me I also have an awesome chiropractor (who knows all about maternity issues/pains) who fixes me.  Below are some of my 23 week pics, which Roxanne decided she should be in as well.

Today I went to a beautiful baby shower for my next-door neighbor friend Abbey.  They bought their house shortly before we bought ours, and now we are both pregnant expecting baby #1.  It will be very exciting adding two new little ones to our cul-de-sac within months of each other!  Today I am 24 weeks and Abbey is 32.

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  1. Ah! That's so fun that the babies will be so close in age! We have 7 boys in our cul-de-sac, ages 1-6ish. Though Cade is the baby and not quite old enough to run around with them yet, I know it will be soon!